What You Need to Know About Military Divorces

Divorce is an emotionally challenging and technically complex issue even in the best of circumstances. But when at least one partner is a member of the military, there are many additional complexities to factor in. Below is an overview of some considerations to keep in mind while navigating this difficult process. For the sake of […]

How Watts Charges & Epstein Credits Impacts Divorced Homeowners

While going through the arduous process of a divorce, the reality is that you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse have shared expenses that have to continue to be paid, and property that you jointly own, even though you no longer cohabitate. Your mortgage, your car payments, your credit cards, your children’s private school payments—all of these expenses […]

When to Ask for Emergency Orders for Divorce and Child Custody

The vast majority of divorce and child custody orders, hearings, and motions involve the parties representing both sides of a matter appearing before a judge. This is in line with one of the basic tenets of the court system—that both sides must have the opportunity to plead their case. However, there are times when ensuring […]

How to Live Together During the Divorce Process

When a married couple realizes that a divorce is necessary, there may be a short period of time where one spouse stays in a hotel or with friends or family, while the other holds down the fort at home. However, this isn’t a long term solution. The reality is that most couples do not have […]

How to Adopt an Adult in California

Most adoptions involve the adoption of a minor by one or more adults. When an adult adopts a minor, the intent is largely functional—the adopter wishes to have the ability to make important decisions on behalf of the child, and to bear the responsibility for ensuring adequate shelter, nutrition, and emotional nurturing. On the other […]

Using a Trust to Protect Your IRA Account

Over the last couple decades, living trusts have become an increasingly popular alternative to wills. While wills have certain strengths that trusts don’t, such as the ability to name guardians for minor dependents, living trusts have some serious advantages. In case you aren’t familiar, a living trust a document which can be used to place […]

The Dangers of Living Trust Mills

We have written at length recently about the need to be wary of online estate planning services, as well as why it’s unwise to have a non-lawyer prepare your living trust. But perhaps one of the biggest dangers when it comes to having a living trust drafted, especially for the elderly, are living trust mills. […]

Estate Planning Attorneys Can Help Your Family Save Money

We’ve previously talked about how attempts to save money on estate planning by using online estate planning services or having a CPA draft your trust can actually cost you money in the long run. But these articles have overlooked an important fact: a good estate attorney won’t just avoid the costly mistakes made by non-professionals, […]

Can I have a Paralegal or CPA Draft My Trust?

Quite often, we have clients, friends, and people we meet on the street ask us, “Lawyers are kind of expensive. Is it okay to have someone who isn’t an attorney—like a paralegal—write up my living trust?” There’s a short answer and a long answer to this. The short answer is a rhetorical question: “Imagine you […]

How an Unmarried Couple Can Legally Split Real Property

According to the Pew Research Center, in 1960, approximately 59% of adults aged 18 to 29 years old were married. By 2010, this figure had dropped to 20%. Fewer adults are getting married, and the average age for first marriages has increased as well. Unmarried cohabitation has increased, but many of the state laws governing […]