What If You Don’t Agree With The Judge?

Whether you disagree with a judge about a single minor matter in a court case, or you disagree with the ruling in a court case, contradicting a judge can be extremely intimidating. After all, judges are the deciders in court cases where a jury isn’t involved. And even when your fate is in the jury’s […]

What to Do When a Trustee is Mismanaging a Trust

All living trusts require the designation of a successor trustee to assume control over the assets in the trust when the trust’s creator dies or is no longer able to manage the trust. In fact, this is the entire point of a trust: to bypass probate by instead directly appointing someone to manage the estate […]

How the Department of Child Support Services Can Help You

Many parents don’t realize that the State of California has a robust system for assisting parents in collecting child support: the Department of Child Support Services. Every county has its own branch, including Sacramento. The easiest way to find your local branch is to simply do a Google search for “[your county] DCSS.” It needs […]

The Pros of Prenuptial Agreements

The phrase “prenuptial agreement” may well be the two least romantic words in the English language. Prenups have a negative reputation, in part because people simply don’t like thinking about the possibility of divorce when they’re getting married. But that reputation has likely been cemented by print and online media outlets running rampant with stories […]

How to Discuss Separation or Divorce With Your Spouse

Sometimes the possibility of considering divorce is a sentiment that builds slowly over time, while for others, it’s an emotional thunderbolt that seemingly erupts out of a clear blue sky. Everyone’s experience is different. But regardless of what your path to divorce or separation looks like, at some point, you have to sit down and […]

How to Enforce a Court Judgment and Get Paid

It’s one thing to win a judgment in court. It’s another thing to collect on it. While courts determine who is the debtor and who is the creditor, and the amount owed, courts do not themselves collect debts. This means that if you win a judgment, you must act on your own behalf to make […]

Special Needs Trusts for Disabled Children

Recent studies indicate that about 5.2% of American children between the age of 5 and 17 have some sort of disability, a total of about 2.8 million children. While some children will–with the aid of special education programs during childhood and early adulthood–be able to live independent lives, many will always need some degree of […]

Adoption Options and Their Pros and Cons

Adoption is a long and difficult process, and there are many different types of adoption, with varying advantages and disadvantages. We receive many questions about the adoption options available in the state of California, and so we’ve put together a breakdown of the three most common types of adoption, with brief descriptions of their benefits […]

Pros & Cons of an LLC for Managing Property

While many people choose to invest in mutual funds and other intangible commodities, others prefer to invest in physical property, such as rental homes and multi-family apartments. Rental properties can be a great investment, but they carry with them the inherent, unavoidable risks that tenants bring with them, such as lawsuits. If you choose to […]

Contesting a Will or Trust

The purpose of creating a will or trust is to ensure that a person’s desires are carried out after they die. This is the whole point of such legal documents. Given this fact, it’s understandable that many people may feel a great deal of discomfort at the idea of putting their heart and soul into […]