Determining Capacity

In our society, when young men and women reach the age of 18, they are deemed as having attained the level of maturity necessary to be responsible for their own well-being, and thus make decisions for themselves. This is known as “competence,” or more accurately, “legal capacity.” Legal capacity means that someone has the mental […]

How Regional Centers Determine Developmental Disability

When an adult has a serious developmental disability that impedes their ability to live independently and look after their well-being, California allows for the appointment of a ‘limited conservator.’ In a limited conservatorship, a responsible adult who takes on certain legal responsibilities—depending on the level of disability—on behalf of the disabled person. However, who has […]

Limited Conservatorships

In the State of California, when an adult—or a minor approaching their 18th birthday—has significant developmental disabilities that leaves them unable to provide for their own care, a judge to appoint someone to be responsible for the disabled person. This arrangement is known as a limited conservatorship. There are two types of limited conservatorship: A […]

What If You Don’t Agree With The Judge?

Whether you disagree with a judge about a single minor matter in a court case, or you disagree with the ruling in a court case, contradicting a judge can be extremely intimidating. After all, judges are the deciders in court cases where a jury isn’t involved. And even when your fate is in the jury’s […]

Special Needs Trusts for Disabled Children

Recent studies indicate that about 5.2% of American children between the age of 5 and 17 have some sort of disability, a total of about 2.8 million children. While some children will–with the aid of special education programs during childhood and early adulthood–be able to live independent lives, many will always need some degree of […]

Identifying Elder Financial Abuse & What To Do

Many people wind up in difficult financial situations, wherein they rely upon parents or other older relatives who are only too happy to help in any way they can. But there is a point at which getting help crosses a line, and becomes a situation in which an elder relative is being taken advantage of. […]

Making End of Life Decisions

Death can be an exhausting, confusing, and even terrifying process for everyone involved. Yet, despite the immense emotional burden that a dying person’s family must bear, there are still many complex medical and legal matters that must be taken care of before a dying person takes their final breath. Below are just a few of […]