Getting a Judgment When a Petitioner Fails to Move the Case Forward

Legal cases generally involve a back and forth process between the petitioner—the person who files a legal petition—and the respondent, the person who is filed against. While most often it’s the respondent who isn’t amicable to the process, occasionally a petitioner begins the process, only to fail to follow through to the end. This is […]

Preserving Your Parental Rights When You Aren’t the Biological Father

“You aren’t the father.” These are some of the most unimaginably difficult words that a father can ever hear. You watched your child come into the world, got up in the middle of the night when they cried, took them to the doctor, fed them, clothed them, bathed them… loved them. And one day, you […]

Legally Protecting Yourself During a Difficult Divorce

Divorce can be an incredibly stressful process. While some couples manage to have amicable divorces, there are some divorces that just go bad, either due to hard feelings on both sides, or because of a difficult spouse who refuses to engage in a productive manner. If you’re struggling with a difficult divorce, here are some […]

The Cons of Prenuptial Agreements

As we talked about recently, there are a lot of pros to prenuptial agreements, even if they get a bad rap. When used wisely, and in the right circumstances, a prenup can be a useful legal tool. Unfortunately, the bad PR is justified in some respects. Today we’re going to talk about some of the […]

What If You Don’t Agree With The Judge?

Whether you disagree with a judge about a single minor matter in a court case, or you disagree with the ruling in a court case, contradicting a judge can be extremely intimidating. After all, judges are the deciders in court cases where a jury isn’t involved. And even when your fate is in the jury’s […]

How the Department of Child Support Services Can Help You

Many parents don’t realize that the State of California has a robust system for assisting parents in collecting child support: the Department of Child Support Services. Every county has its own branch, including Sacramento. The easiest way to find your local branch is to simply do a Google search for “[your county] DCSS.” It needs […]

The Pros of Prenuptial Agreements

The phrase “prenuptial agreement” may well be the two least romantic words in the English language. Prenups have a negative reputation, in part because people simply don’t like thinking about the possibility of divorce when they’re getting married. But that reputation has likely been cemented by print and online media outlets running rampant with stories […]

How to Discuss Separation or Divorce With Your Spouse

Sometimes the possibility of considering divorce is a sentiment that builds slowly over time, while for others, it’s an emotional thunderbolt that seemingly erupts out of a clear blue sky. Everyone’s experience is different. But regardless of what your path to divorce or separation looks like, at some point, you have to sit down and […]

Co-Parenting Apps and Online Resources

One of the most common challenges that we see divorced or separates parents face is the difficulty of communicating and coordinating with one another. In addition to the typical concerns about budgeting, keeping track of appointments (medical, school, extracurricular), and finances, divorced parents must also stay on the same page when it comes to keeping […]

Free and Low-Cost Family Law Resources

Legal services for divorce and other common family law issues can be prohibitively expensive, especially for families who already struggle just to meet typical day to day needs. However, in recent years, many organizations have recognized these concerns and have started to make legal resources available at little or no cost to families with limited […]